Welcome to this website which includes Yvonne's Church Vestments as well as Paintings.

Yvonne Bell is a Christian artist and vestment designer.

The art can be purchased as Canvas prints, posters, greetings cards and postcards. Some original paintings are available.

To order prints and cards - email Yvonne with your selection.

Commissions for new paintings are welcome.

Vestments and Church Textiles

Yvonne designs church vestments with painted silk panels. She paints banners, chasubles, stoles, copes, mitres, lectern and pulpit falls and altar cloths. Yvonne also paints conference backcloths and gives talks about her work.

Yvonne's Studio

To commission work you can arrange a meeting at Yvonne's studio:

"Icon of Christ-Yeshua's Promise"

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"Mother of God of Clemency"

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